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How a couple dozen women defied Israeli law and are hoping the State will put them on trial.

                            From We Do Not Obey


Hi all - welcome to my site!

I created these pages as a resource for those studying the peace movement in Israel, particularly the women's peace movement.

It includes many of my email reports since 1988 ("Dispatches from the Peace Front"), as well as a book telling the early history of Women in Black in Israel.

When we do get to peace between Israel and our Arab neighbors, women peace activists will deserve a special place in history.

Gila Svirsky


P.S. See my grandtwins on A Tad About Me.


Luisa Morgantini on the Women in Black vigil, 28 Dec 2007. Photo: Dani Lagarto Fernandez

Naomi Morag on the Women in Black vigil, 28 Dec 2007. Photo: Vera Reider

Ala Shainskaya: No to War! [Russian], Olmert - Enough! [Hebrew], August 2006. Photo: Jacob Katriel

"Partnership begins with coexistence, not with walls. Molly Malekar at A-Ram. Photo: Dalit Baum

Khulood Badawi "under arrest" at a demonstration 24 June 2004

Yana Knopova at an anti-war vigil during the Lebanon War 2006



Bulletin Board

Now RIP: "I, Judith Warschawski, light this torch in the name of Women in Black": Musings on Israel's Independence Day. From Week after Week.
Tell him the truth, Mr. President: Occupation is not compatible with peace. From Letter to President Obama
What’s not to love about secrecy, lies, and human rights violations? 
How truth turned into treason. 
How Israel Gagged on its Own Gag Order

From under the rubble, one Hatian peers out and moans, “It was almost worth having an earthquake to meet all you wonderful folks from Israel.”  From God Bliss.
"My heart has been broken so many times, writes Alice Walker somewhere, that it feels like an open suitcase with the wind blowing through it…" Shiv'a in Gaza by Deb Reich.
"I was not present in Rafah that terrible day, but I have frequently replayed in my mind the events leading up to the moment when a bulldozer rolled over her..." In Memory of Rachel Corrie, six years after her death in Gaza, age 23.
"Even if Livni will not become prime minister, the 2009 elections proved that the combination of women and peace is a winning one; that male and female voters alike wanted a woman to take the reigns..." Daphna Golan-Agnon looks at The Failure of the (Male) Left

"The state of Israel condemns and vilifies the voice of the Jewish mother, which is the voice of compassion, tolerance, and dialogue..."  Nurit Peled-Elhanan, "In the State of Israel, the Jewish Mother is Disappearing"

"Security once meant something much broader than its military definition.  Sometimes it’s hard to remember that older use of 'security', but efforts to revive it have been made in recent years.  It is called 'human security' and includes areas of activity such as..." Desperately Seeking Security
"The day of Jess’s conversion was also the day that Israel began its pitiless bombing of Lebanon and nearly three weeks into Israel’s violent assault on Gaza…" A Jewish Plea by Sara Roy
Two special women and their legacies for peace:
Selma Waldman and Hilda Silverman
May their memory be a blessing.


"When half the population is not represented at the table where the fate of humanity is at stake, we cannot expect to sustain peace agreements..."  Cora Weiss,  "Women, Peace, and Stability"
"I am working for the day when millions of people will show up and dismantle the checkpoints with their own hands and that’s that, finished..." Yehudit Kirstein-Keshet, On Founding MachsomWatch
Although the information has not yet reached the international media, we would like the world to know that women in Israel and Palestine are ready to make peace.... A joint Palestinian-Israeli statement for peace
She who laughs last, laughs best...
Photo: Gina Benevento


Photo of me (upper left corner of the pages) by Peter Liatowitsch.  Thanks, Peter!

On Happiness:  His few friends had told him he could never buy it, but Mr Crawley surmised that they just didn't know where the store was.  Gary Larson