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Friday, August 12, 2005

13.00-14.00          Women in Black vigil at Hagar Square, West Jerusalem

Evening                  Activity in all the hotels (see below).


Saturday, August 13, 2005


9:00 – 11:00     Opening session:

                        Salwa Hdeib greets the participants on their arrival to Jerusalem.

                        Gila Svirsky welcomes the delegations.

Panel: Our vision for peace and expectations from the conference. Chaired by Nisreen Mazzawi (Palestinian citizen of Israel)

Speakers: Amneh  Badran (Palestinian),  Yana Ziferblat (Israel), Sandy Butler (USA), Therese Kulungu (Kongo), Maria Teresa Arizabaleta (Colombia), Luisa Morgantini (Italy), Lepa Mladjenovic (Belgrade)


11:30 – 13:30 Panel: In Memory of Hagar Roublev - Feminist Perspectives on the Palestinian – Israeli Conflict Chaired by Luisa Morgantini.

Speakers:  Zahira Kamal, Amal Khreisheh, & Samia Bamieh (Palestine), Nabila Espanioly, (Palestinian citizen of Israel), and Henriette Dahan-Kalev & Tamar Gozansky (Israel)  (15 minutes each)


15:00 – 17:30 Workshops related to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, each moderated by a Palestinian and an Israeli.


Workshop topics:

  1. The politics of the Judaisation of Jerusalem. Aida Shibli (Palestinian citizen of Israel), Zahra Khalidi (Palestine).
  2. Jerusalem - Strategies of resistance and solutions. Dima Nashashibi (Palestine) Lily Traubmann (Israel).
  3. The Apartheid Wall: Politics, effects and ways of resistance. Fadwa Khader (Palestine), Molly Malekar (Israel).
  4. Settlements and the politics of colonization and transfer. Anat Rosenwaks (Israel).
  5. Is the two states solution still viable? Arabiya Mansour (Palestinian citizen of Israel), Amneh Badran (Palestine)
  6. Boycott, divestment, and sanctions against Israel. Debby Lerman (Israel).
  7. Anti-occupation women political prisoners. Hava Keller, Sara Lahiani (mother of Tali Fahima) (Israel), Mariam Irbash (Palestine).
  8. Right of Return versus Law of Return. Khulood Bidawi (Palestinian citizen of Israel)
  9. Occupation, women and health. Dr. Mai Kaileh (Palestine), Dr Ruhama Marton (Israel).
  10. Occupation, women and education. Nurit Hajaj (Israel, in Hebrew), Itidal al-Ashhab (Palestine – in Arabic).
  11. Occupation, women and poverty. Rawan Natsheh (Palestine), Nina Mizrahi (Israel, in Hebrew).
  12. Occupation, women and violence. Haya Sarsour, (Palestinian citizen of Israel), Hilla Kerner-Sulieman (Israel) in cooperation with the World March of Women.
  13. Militarism, occupation and resistance. Ruth Hiller & Hanna Aviram (Israel), Samia Bamieh (Palestine).
  14. Challenges, obstacles and alternatives for Israeli and Palestinian women's joint peace activities. Huda Imam (Palestine), Rauda Morcos (Palestinian citizen of Israel), Yvonne Deutsch (Israel).
  15. The day after the disengagement. Nina Mayorek (Israel), Amal Khreisheh (Palestine).
  16. Conflict and women's daily survival strategies. Haya Shalom, (Israel), Samar Dissi (Palestine).
  17. What is wrong with the Oslo Accords? (Samira Houri, Palestinian citizen of Israel)
  18. Open Forum: Sharing experiences (Pnina Firestone (Israel), Nadia Harhash (Palestine).
  19. Presenting the International Women's Commission. Hania Bitar (Palestine), Naomi Chazan (Israel), Antigoni Dimitriadou (Greece). 

Evening            Activities in all the hotels (see below)


Sunday, August 14, 2005 


9:00 – 11:00     Panel: Women's Global Challenges, chaired by Charity Angya (Nigeria), Yolanda de la Luz Aguilar Urizar (Guatemala), Dalit Baum (Israel), Stasa Zajovic (Belgrade).


11:30 – 13:30 Workshops on international issues:

1.            War crimes against women.Yolanda de la Luz Aguilar Urizar (Guatemala).

2.              International law- a tool for struggling for women's rights.

3.            Patriarchy.  Mary L. Wentworth (US).

4.            Grassroots resistance to neo-liberal politics. Julieta Ojeda (Bolivia).

5.            UN resolution 1325: how to utilize it for women's benefit.  Antigoni Dimitriadou (Greece), Ilana Aflalo Peretz (Israel), Salwa Hdeib (Palestine).

6.            Eco-feminism: Maria Theresa Arizabaleta (Colombia), PARC (Palestine)

7.            Women and Development: Deborah Brous (Israel).

8.            Women reading: poetry, literature and resistance. Elana Dykewomon (US), Jana Zvibleman (US).

9.            Massacres of women. (feminicidio) Maria Jose de la Rosa Ignacio (Madrid).

10.        Open forum – women's resisting experiences and perspectives. Natasha Khalidi (Palestine), Nava Elyashar (Israel).

11.        Women in conflict resolution. Gili Pliskin (Israel), Mechtild Eisfeld (Germany) Zahra Khalidi (Palestine).

12.        Conditions for successful reconciliation. Liliana Mason (Chile), Huda Imam (Palestine).

13.        Round table: gender relations during political conflicts and in their aftermath. Simona Sharoni (USA), Dinora Aguiada (El Salvador).

14.        Women's activism in Conflict and Post-conflict areas, and the politics of assistance. Jadranka Milicevic (Sarajevo/Bosnia), Jelena Djordjevic (Belgrado/londres), Svetlana Saric (Vlasotinc, Serbia), Stasa Zajovic (Belgrade/Serbia), Zorica Trifunovic (Belgrade/Serbia).

15.        Women, Health and Domestic Violence. EPIC Project: Franca Balsami (Italy), Bilha Golan (Israel), Dr. Salwa Najjab (Palestine).

16.        Effects of globalization and privatization on women, Julia Scherf (HBF), Eleanor Jose (Phillipines).

17.           State terrorism and how to struggle against it.         

18.        WIB challenges and prospects. Jeni Allenby (Australia).

19.        Politics of Fear, Hatred and Racism.


15:00 – 18:00      Panel: Linking local with international issues – future plans and strategies for struggle. Elisabetta Donini (Italy), Rela Mazali (Israel).


Evening            Activities in all the hotels (see below).


Monday, August 15, 2005 


Morning:           Internationals meet in Ramallah with Palestinian women activists.

                        Israelis have a tour of the Separation Wall


Afternoon:        Internationals and Palestinians demonstrate in Bil’in.

                        Israelis have a tour of the settlements in the Old City of Jerusalem.


Evening            Activities in all the hotels (see below).


Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Morning:           Mega vigil at Kalandia checkpoint.


Afternoon:        Closing ceremony – plenary.


Evening Activities



Knight’s Palace

20:15:  Conference Opening Show: The Palestinian singer Reem Telhami.

21:00:  Party. D.J. Sylvia L. World Music.

21:00   Open mic.: Women singing, music, story telling….

New Imperial Hotel

21:10: The Mice and Lea Goldberg’s horror show, subversive political drag show. Gloria Hotel

21:10: Film “The Women Next Door”. (English Subtitles).



Knight’s Palace

20:15:  Film “Arna’s Children”. Producer Osnat Trabelsi and Director Juliano Mer-Hamis will be present.

New Imperial Hotel

20:30:  Movement led by Michal Pundak-Sagi.

Gloria Hotel

20:30: Women relaxing and meeting over a glass of wine. Please bring musical instruments.



Knight’ Palace

20:15: Raging Grannies – subversive music (English)

20:30:  Party. D.J. Hadas, 30’s to 70’s.

New Imperial Hotel

20:30: Drag Kings Show: Slim Shuky, Shlomy Artza, Semi Sababa, Gurnish Nice-f, Roberto Fetochiny.

21:00: The vegan feminist punk band:  TSS: Toxic Shock Syndrome

Gloria Hotel

20:15: Film. “Route 181” Directed by Michel Khleifi and Eyal Sivan. Conversations with Jews and Palestinians along the Green Line.



Knight’s Palace

20:15: Raging Grannies – subversive music (English).

20:30: D.J. Little_Y. Women’s music party: hip-hop, reggae etc.

New Imperial Hotel

20:30: “Profile 21” Saxophone, piano and singing. Shir Katz and Yasmeen Wagner.

Gloria Hotel

20:30: Film. “Beyond the Veil of Diaspora” (Hebrew and Arabic)

Lepa Mladjenovic, Yugoslavia. Photo: Lieve Snellings

Plenary session. Photo: Radio Feminista

International Women in Black Conference, Jerusalem, August 2005.
As elsewhere on this website, opinions expressed about this conference are solely my own.  Gila Svirsky